The general chemistry segment focuses on maintaining the pricing in highly dynamic market. The main success factors for this segment are functioning and high-tech superiority, scale effects, amalgamation and raw material accessibility, consistent and low-cost logistics, as well as the lessening of intricacy.
We supply the world class product in best economic price on door delivery basis :

NoNameProduct CodeDocument
1 Coagulants Dadmac GCH CO 20 PD Download
2 Coagulant Amines GCH CO 50 PA Download
3 Colour removal chemical GCH CR 53 DEC Download
4 Construction additive Stryne GCH CA 100 SA Download
5 Construction additive Vinyl GCH CA 100 VA Download
6 DOPE Cationic Powder GCH DO 100 P Download
7 DOPE Cationic Liquid GCH DO 100 L Download
8 DWPE GCH DW 100 Download
9 Drilling Additive GCH PHPA Download
10 Defoamer Silicon GCH DF 100 S Download
11 Defoamer Non Silicon GCH DF 100 NS Download
12 Defoamer Alcohol GCH DF 100 A Download
13 Flocculent Anionic GCH FL 30 A Download
14 Flocculent Cationic GCH FL 30 C Download
15 Flocculent Non Ionic GCH FL 05 NA Download
16 Super absorbent Sodium Salt GCH SU 100 S Download
17 Super absorbent Potassium Salt GCH SU 100 P Download


General Chemistry

We supply the world class product in best economic price on door delivery basis : Anionic / Cationic / Non-Ionic Flocculants

Speciality Chemistry

These products are special designed for problematic plant applications and we have tie of with renowned manufactures for the solutions to the never ending plant operation issues.

Customized Chemistry

We also customized the product as per your industries specific need, Drop us a mail Describing the issue, rest we will take care.